Entry 1.3

Entry #3
Week 2, Day 1 (Sunday), Midnight Hollow
Main Subject: Esme Zarall

Recap of previous entry: New family member Todd Zarall (né Landgraab) became acquainted with his new life as a Zarall, made a start in his military career, Esme became pregnant, and Azriel Zarall was born.


Esme! Good morning, it’s been a while.


Wait, why are you crying?

Esme: You… you FIEND! You left myself, my wonderful husband and our infant son in stasis for three months! We were frozen!

Ah, yes. I did do that. But I was busy, I promise! But the three of you are completely fine, no long-lasting damage of any kind!

Esme: Truly?

Yes, look:


See? Perfectly fine. And perfectly adorable. Azriel’s cute too.

Todd: Shut up.


There have been some changes around town though, as shown by the new building across the street from you.

Esme: Yes, I’ve been trying my utmost not to look at it… but what is it?

It’s an Equestrian Centre! I may allow you guys to buy a horse at some stage. Maybe when Azriel’s older. But anyway, Esme! Time to finish your breakfast and head to the garden, you’ve got chores to do.


Bet you missed this, huh?

Esme: Not quite.


Missed it or not, level 5!


And not a minute later, well done Toddy!

Todd: For what?


For this!


You’re fatigued now?

Todd: Yes.

Well good, you can go take a nap. But preferably with your son. He’s crying.

Todd: Fantastic.


Isn’t this relaxing?

Todd: Go away.

Fine. But Esme’s coming, just a heads-up.


Aww, you two are so cute. But one of you is going to have to deal with Azriel, he’s crying again.


Esme: My, what a smelly boy you are!


Esme: I say, my darling, what a beautiful star!
Todd: I know, I’m looking at it.

I’m going to have cavities after this. You guys need to stop.


No seriously, guys, stop. Azriel’s hungry.


Esme: What an attention-seeker you are, little one.

Motherhood definitely suits you, Esme. Now get to bed, it’s late.


Good morning!

Esme: I want to kiss my glorious husband, where is he?

He’s at work, although I don’t know how glorious he is – he broke the toilet.

Esme: I don’t see what’s so-

You’ll have to fix it.

Esme: …I loathe him.


Esme: Curse you, you porcelain monstrosity. Accept this rubber plunger and ALLOW ME TO REPAIR YOU.

That’s right; talk it into submission.


Off to work! It’s been a few days since you were there.

Esme: Could I not remain home instead? The garden requires tending and the facilities-

Todd can tend the garden and fix the toilet that you failed to once he gets home from work.

Esme: But Azriel-

We’ll have to hire a babysitter for the hour that neither of you is home.

Esme: Is that allowed?

…I don’t know. But we don’t have a choice.


Level 3! Well done, Toddy!

Todd: Stop calling me that. And who’s with my son?


Just some teenager called Corrine or other. She’s pretty damn good with him though.


Todd: Can we keep her?

Unfortunately not.


I bet you’re feeling nice and refreshed after your post-work nap.

Todd: And I bet you’re going to tell me to do a million things now.

Well, the toilet needs fixing and the garden needs tending.

Todd: *sigh* Fine.


Well done, Esme! Your first promotion!


Wait, why have you stopped?

Todd: I’m tired.

Fine, you can go to bed. But take a bath first, you stink.


I see you’re enjoying yourself.

Esme: I am. I will have to stop now, however, correct?

Correct. Your husband didn’t finish with the garden, and he also broke the bath.


That’s right, just give it a few whacks – that should do the job.


Esme: How much sleep did I receive last night?

About two hours.

Esme: …So why have you awoken me?

Your son is crying. But… I have some good news:


Esme: Oh, happy day.


Time to see what the burrito looks like!


And I am not disappointed! Todd’s hair colour and eye colour and Esme’s skin colour. What a little cherub!

Esme (from outside): Yes, he’s positively gorgeous.

You haven’t seen him yet.


Hello sweetheart, your genetics are fantastic. When you grow up, you’ll be taking over from your mama and living a life of restrictions and rules. Won’t that be fun?


Oh no sweet pea, don’t cry! It’s not your fault your mama was thrust out of heaven! Plus, there’s nothing to be upset about when she’s so smitten with you.



Esme: My darling son!

You still haven’t seen him yet.


What are you up to, munchkin?

Azriel: Hidey!


I, too, find making music to be hungry work.


Oh hey, Corrine, did Esme leave for work? I was… distracted.

Corrine: Yep, now shhh and let the little Mozart play!

God, you’re such a good babysitter. I feel like a makeover is in order.


Much better!

Corrine: Well done little Mozart!


Welcome home Toddy! I- Wait. Why are you staring at the wall?

Todd: I’m tired and stressed. And I’m trying to ignore you.

Then go have a nap, silly! And I’ll keep an eye on Azriel, so you won’t have to worry.

Todd: Oh goody.


Azriel: !


Where to now?

Azriel: Box!

Lead the way.


At least you can amuse yourself without Corrine here.


Azriel: Want?

No, precious, you play with it.


Hey, I only told you to have a nap!

Todd: Zzzz…diamonds……shut up woman….zzzzZZ

Okay, first of all: rude. Second of all: you need to get up, your son needs you.


Azriel: Daddy! 🙂
Todd: How can something so small make such a terrible smell?


Dammit, Esme, this would be such a great opportunity if only you were allowed to travel. Just thinking about crepes is making me hungry.


Good thing someone else isn’t hungry anymore.

Azriel: EAT!

The following was asked to be put in this Entry by the Main Subject, Esme.

How to Spend a Day Off: By Esme and Azriel Zarall.


Step 1: Start your day early.

Esme: Good morning, my darling. Shall we begin?
Azriel: 😀


Step 2: Potty FIRST THING in the morning.

Esme: I understand this is rather unrefined, my love, but it must be done!


Step 3: Food for Azriel.

Azriel: EAT! EAT! FOOD!


Step 4: Food for Esme.

Esme: A perfectly cooked apple, if I do say so myself!


Step 5: Tend to the garden.


Step 6: Find some mushro- Wait… Azriel?


Did you find some mushrooms, lovely?

Azriel: YAY!

I’ll take that as a yes.

Intermission: Guide to a Working Day: By Todd Zarall.


Step 1: Reach level 4 of the Military Career.

There is no Step 2.

And now back to How to Spend a Day Off: By Esme and Azriel Zarall.


Step 7: Go on a stroll!

Esme: Shall we venture outwards, little one?


Step 8: Go to the Bookstore.

I suggest returning home now, Esme, someone’s getting hungry.

Esme: Very well.


Final Step: Don’t forget to check the mailbox!

Esme: It is merely bills.

Actually, it’s not “merely bills”, there are some gifts too:


Apparently, Seema really likes your husband, Esme.

Esme: She will not have him.

You also got some wedding gifts:


Despite her apparent interest in Todd, Seema is apparently happy enough for him to send us a §4,800 statue that we gladly sold. The wall hangings can be placed in the house somewhere.


And look, Azriel got a gift too!

Esme: What is that hideous thing?

A doll from… uh… a… relative…

Esme: Neither my husband nor I have relatives.

Yes, I know. I think it’s better to just accept the gift and not question its source. But I suggest getting to bed now because tomorrow:


Is Spooky Day! And because I want you to experience the festivals, I’ve added something to the lot beside your house.


The Festival Lot! Complete with a pond that I’ve so graciously stocked with fish.


And I’ve just noticed your apple trees have gone dormant.


So, Todd, while you’re eating your breakfast I’ve added a nice little indoor garden area so you can keep growing food in the winter.

Todd: Nobody asked you to do that.

Well, excuse me for not wanting my Angel’s family to starve, gosh. I also expanded the house a little while I was at it.


I added a nice little skilling area!

Todd: Why do those windows have no curtains?

Ah, well, we may have run out of money. But fret not:


I made the bathroom a bit more enclosed! Privacy is important, after all.

Todd: Then why not just enclose it completely?

Because I’m following the RULES, Toddy.


Oh but look, Todd, you’ve been invited to a party! I didn’t know you had friends.

Todd: Shut up.

It’s too bad you won’t be able to go because the only way to find out about it is by getting a text and you can’t use your phone anymore.

Todd: I could just go to her house-

You could, but I have plans for you today.


But first, a little skilling!

Esme: Fire safety is important, darling. Repeat after me: fire alarm.
Azriel: FI’LARM!
Esme: I suppose that will suffice.


Another adventure! Where to, I wonder?


Next door, of course. This is really all I want you three to do today.

Esme: I’m sure there were far better ways to go about spending our day.


I’m sure there were, Esme, but none of them would’ve resulted in this wonderful keepsake. I guess we’ll just have to do this on every holiday for the rest of the time I’m watching over your family.

Todd: Oh joy.


End of Entry #3
Week 2, Day 5 (Thursday), Midnight Hollow

I am not apologising for the amount of toddler spam that was in this chapter. I am, however, apologising for the 3-month hiatus in writing. I’m not sure why, but I have a hard time playing the Zaralls for long periods of time. Which is crazy, because I can play the Kalayas for hours without any breaks. Maybe it’s the lack of control in an ISBI? I don’t know.

Hopefully, the next chapter shouldn’t take too long to be played through/written, but I can say that Azriel will definitely age up since the toddler agespan is only 3 days. I have no idea what will happen other than that, so hopefully, nobody dies and everything is good and happy. Hopefully.

Anyway, see you in the next chapter and Happy Simming!


4 thoughts on “Entry 1.3

    1. Isn’t it? I’m so dreading getting a parent clone, but hopefully in future generations the recessive genes will stop that from happening.

      Thanks for reading!

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    1. Isn’t he? He’s one of the sweetest toddlers I’ve ever had in a game. Their day off guide was a ridiculous attempt by me to put some plot to the toddler spam, I’m glad it worked!

      Thanks for reading!

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