Entry 1.2

Entry #2
Week 1, Day 4 (Wednesday), Midnight Hollow
Main Subject: Esme Zarall

Recap of previous entry: Main Subject (Esme) began her new life in Midnight Hollow, started a culinary career, and met, wooed, and married Todd Landgraab, now Zarall.


I didn’t get a chance to talk to you before, so welcome to the family, Toddy!

Todd: Don’t call me that. Also, why am I suddenly at home? Wasn’t I just with my wife in town? And…what the hell am I wearing?

Fret not, Toddy. You just did a little disappearing act and I used my, uh, “magic” to fix you up, complete with terrible dress sense and god-awful hair.


There! Although, I will be going back and recolouring you, but this’ll do for now. You’ve got some good traits on you though, I’m glad you were chosen.

Todd: I’m a little scared to ask what I’ve gotten myself into here.

You mean by marrying a Fallen Angel? Well you’ve now singlehandedly entered yourself into a life of restriction and hard work.

Todd: I’ve…what?

I would apologise, but looking at your workaholic trait, I don’t think I could’ve picked anyone better. But you should probably get the lay of the land now, and I’ll leave that up to your lovely wife.


Esme: So you see, you merely hover your skewered apple over the flames, and it cooks! Isn’t that marvellous?


Well isn’t this a sight to see.

Esme: I daresay, he is so pleasing to look at.

And I’m being steadily reminded that I made the right choice.


Um, what’s going on here?

Esme: One must always curtsy before a fight.

Before a WHAT?!


Esme: Ahahaha! I made you feel quite the fool, didn’t I?

I’m surprised you would stoop to such barbarity.

Esme: But it is just so enjoyable!


Speaking of enjoyable, your other spouse potential doesn’t seem too upset that he wasn’t picked, huh guys? …Guys?




Well, now that your wife is sleeping and you’re not tired in the slightest, I guess you and I can do some errands!

Todd: Oh joy.


First order of business: unclogging the toilet!

Todd: So because I’m a man, I’m automatically fixing things?

Don’t be silly, I don’t believe in gender roles. You just have to work on your handiness skill because you’re joining the military while your wife works as a chef.

Todd: Sounds pretty gender-roley to me.

Listen, I don’t make the rules! Now go get a job!


See? I even gave you a pink bike, your favourite colour!

Todd: Gee, you’re a feminist icon.



Just for that comment, you can clean toilets for a living.


Bet you’re regretting saying that now, huh?

Todd: Can’t talk. Broke my everything.


And look at that, you even got yourself a handy-dandy skillpoint!

Todd: How long do I have to keep this up?

Until you’re fatigued, obviously.

Todd: Wonderful.


Todd: Alright, I’m fatigued, I gained three skillpoints, why do I have to tend the garden now too?

Your wife is still sleeping peacefully, and you’re good at chores. Oh wait, speak of the devil:


Or the angel, rather. Good morning!

Esme: Where is my darling husband?

Well, he’s unclogged the toilet, done the laundry, got a job, worked out, and is now tending the garden.

Esme: That sounds quite torturous.

It’s nothing compared to what you’ll soon be going through.

Esme: I’m afraid I don’t understand.


How was your breakfast?

Esme: I feel quite unwell.


I suggest you run.




Well now that you’ve puked and formalised, do you feel better.

Esme: Yes. That apple must have been quite rotten!

Yeah, I bet that’s what it was. Anyway, now that you’re up, I believe you want to buy some books?

Esme: That would be preferable, yes.


It’s a good thing the bookstore is just across the road! And look, it’s Trang Pham: the woman your other spouse potential knocked up!


Mmmm, chili con carne.

Esme: I don’t quite see the point of learning these recipes if I can’t cook them.

Not yet, you can’t. But you’re the one who wants to be a Culinary Librarian, so that means we’re learning recipes!


Esme: How facile!


You’ve learning Chili con Carne, Ratatouille, and Vegetarian Chili, so what’s with the stinkface?

Esme: It appears my nausea has returned.

What are you still sitting there for? RUN!


Uh, good job?

Esme: This is most unsanitary.


Ah, now isn’t this nice? The couple that skills together stays together! And look, Todd, you’ve learning Handiness now!


Again? Jeez, I’m going to leave you to it, I’ve seen enough puking for now. I’ll pop back in later.


And what good timing I have!

Esme: Oh my!

I’m telling you now to savour this, you’re only allowed one child.

Esme: I suppose that’s fine. I don’t really wish to spend more time vomiting.

Good call.


Todd: Do I have to be up at the ass-crack of dawn?

If you want to be Swimming in Cash, then yes.

Todd: Fine, but can you stop staring at me?

No, I’m trying to memorise your hair before it disappears.

Todd: Before- what?


You’re in the military now, bucko. Shaved heads are a thing.

Todd: Fantastic.


Esme: I’m not so sure bending over like this is good for the baby. Or for me.

Well, your husband’s at work and the garden needs to be tended to. Oh, but speaking of which:


Someone got a promotion on his very first day of work! Considering you’re still in your honeymoon phase, and your life bar is slowly creeping towards your next birthday, Todd may reach the top of his career before you do.

Esme: At this rate, I may never earn a refrigerator.

If he becomes an Astronaut before you become a Five-Star Chef, I’ll still give you a fridge. It may not make a lot of sense logically, but I’m the big-hearted sort.


Welcome home!

Todd: Not so loud, I’m exhausted.

Well in that case, you and Esme have my permission to engage in my personal favourite couple activity:




Feel refreshed? Ready? Raring to go?

Todd: Sure?

Perfect! Time to head off to the bookstore, you want to read a pregnancy book after all.


Todd: Oh my God, that kid is dead! That’s terrible!

Relax, she was born like that.



Enjoying reading about the joys of pregnancy there?

Todd: Does it really…come out…like that?

Yep! Isn’t nature magical?

Todd: Not the word I would use.


Well, no matter. Lucky for Esme, I remembered to have you pick up some recipe books as well.

Esme: Oh Mushroom Omelette, some day I will get to taste your savoury goodness.


Esme: Hurrah!

Hurrah is right, that’s three more recipes added to the ol’ noggin. But it’s getting late, and despite your recent nap, you should still get some sleep.


Esme: I say, how long was I asleep for?

The normal amount of time, I promise. While you and Toddy over there were off in dreamland, I took the liberty of recolouring your house to match both your favourite colours. Be grateful white and hot pink work together, that’s all I’m saying.


Esme: I’m sure I could’ve been some help in the garden.

Tough. That tummy of yours is ready to pop, so you’re staying in and reading up on cooking until it does.


Todd: Thanks for not making my heavily pregnant wife do things like this.

Why would I, when I can commend myself on giving you boxer briefs as part of your sleepwear instead?

Todd: And just like that, I’m not thankful anymore.


The couple who skills together stays together!

Esme: You already made that quip.

Did I? Dangit. You guys need to do something more fun.


“More fun” being, apparently, eating. What’s that face for, Esme?

Esme: I’m merely imagining that I’m biting into a slice of Key Lime Pie instead of a warm apple.

You must have a pretty good imagination.


Esme: Oh dear. Oh dear! OH DEAR!

Oh dear is right. You’ve gotten birthing fluid all over my nice lawn!



Todd: Oh God, oh God, what do I do? I’m Pumped as hell but I’m not strong enough to deal with this.


Esme: I must say – AHHHH – now that I’m in this – NNGGHHHH – room, the colour scheme – EEAAAAAAHH – is rather pleasing to the eye. However – GGAAHHH – I feel it could be – OOAHHHHH – spruced up just a touch with some- AAAAAAAAAHHHH – something new.

It’s probably a good thing Todd isn’t equipped to deal with this, you seem to be doing a decent job all by yourself.


Hey, that doesn’t mean you can go to sleep!

Todd: You said it yourself, she’s got this.

Yeah, but I- oh, never mind.


New Family Member: Azriel Zarall – Male
Will take over as Main Subject when he comes of age.


Esme: He’s just like a little cocoon!

You know, your husband wanted a daughter.

Esme: My husband can jolly well live with it.


Now, I know you didn’t get the girl you wanted, bu-

Todd: Shut up.


Todd: Shut up. He is perfect.


Apparently so, seeing as you’re spending all night with him.

Todd: My burrito son.


End of Entry #2
Week 2, Day 1 (Sunday), Midnight Hollow

Generation 2 born already! I’d say something like “wow this is going fast” but we still have like 26 in-game days until he takes over.

I was actually a little worried about this chapter because I was honestly worried I was making things go too fast, and that’s partly why this is shorter than my usual chapters. It’s also because I’ve had barely any motivation to play my actual legacies lately, and this is already a week later than I wanted it to be.

Anyhoo, hopefully I get back into the swing of things soon, and until then, Happy Simming!

4 thoughts on “Entry 1.2

    1. Yeah, I’m super impatient when it comes to getting things started, but after I saw Todd’s traits and knew it wouldn’t take him too long to top his career (Workaholic is the BEST), I just decided to get a start on the ol’ pregnancy.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Unclogging the toilet, doing laundry, skilling, and getting a job before Esme wakes up? Todd is so productive. I also loved the banter between Todd and narrator there. xD

    Congrats on the birth of Azriel! What a nice burrito son.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!! And admittedly, Todd was only that productive because his energy bar went static after I had to fix his invisibility at the very beginning, and I only noticed (and therefore only reset him) after he’d done the laundry, so it started moving again but it was almost full, so he got a lot done before he needed a nap – I love working my sims to the bone 💪🏻

      Liked by 1 person

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